From new art festivals, to artist support programs and onsite public enjoyment campaigns,  branding and identity are always at the forefront of Amdur Productions.
 Each year, Amdur produces around 20 art festivals.  Pfang creates a multi-platform marketing campaign for each, manages all creative and produces dozens of pieces for television, print, outdoor, digital and onsite support.
 Postering is very important part of art festival marketing.  Pfang takes on the huge task of photo editing thousands of artist images, as well as the poster design, which spearheads the entire festival creative campaign.  Pfang has won dozens of awards for these posters and campaigns.
 Postcarding can be a very effective form of festival marketing, from engaging variable data fields to personalize each piece for artists, to taking advantage of programs like the USPS's every door direct. Eye catching graphics are a must!
 Each festival has it's own personality and Pfang designs each campaign with that in mind.  Above is a sampling of Tribune quarter page ads for a variety of festivals.
 The nature of outdoor art festivals points toward several marketing opportunities in large format location creative as well as a seemingly endless need for onsite directional and informational support.
 Pfang has been an integral part of expanding Amdur's business. This 60 page RFP delivers capabilities, while showcasing our marketing and design skills.
 The sheer volume of marketing requirements for Amdur Productions demands a mastery of design tools, taste and speed. Digital support, onsite signage, premiums and plenty more pop up almost daily.
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